Saturday, November 14, 2015

Surviving the Holidays


Don't just plan to accept your Holiday weight gain. Plan to LOSE weight. Now. Not in 2016. And it's not actually that hard. Ok, it is. Losing weight always takes some hard work and commitment. 

Of course the easiest ways to lose weight during the holidays is to work out 60-90 minutes every day, eat salads and lean meat, and turn down all party invitations you might get. In fact, just go ahead and sign up for every class at the gym, maybe even start sleeping in the locker room so you're ready to go for that A.M. class. Don't plan to have a social life, avoid all parties, and you will lose weight. 

But that doesn't sound fun, right? 

Why not make an end of the year resolution? I did - I'm working my butt off (literally) to lose 8, er, 11 pounds. (The Halloween candy might have gotten the best of me.) 

On November 30th I'm starting an accountability group to help chase away and prevent that unwanted weight gain. Join me in keeping away the unwanted holiday weight gain and start your 2016 already ahead of the group!

Here is what you can expect from this group:

  • A health and fitness program to fit your needs in 30 minutes or less each day.
  • Sample meal plans and recipes to help you stay accountable, to help you with quick easy meals and snacks to fit your lifestyle.
  • Daily accountability through a closed online support group.
  • Tips on handling holiday parties, a restaurant guide, traveling tips, healthy alternatives to holiday favorites.
  • Motivation, Accountability every single day to help you end the year stronger than you started.  

So what are the requirements to participate in this group, because I know that is what you are thinking!!

1.  You must be a customer of mine on TeamBeachbody, which means that I am assigned as your FREE coach.  If you already have a coach please reach out to the person you work with. Click here to sign up for your free account.  

2.  You must commit to a fitness program and nutrition plan. We will discuss options that are best for you, your ability level, your time constraints and your needs. 

3.  You must commit to checking into the accountability group daily and reporting progress. It'll be a closed Facebook group. Your friends won't be able to see your posts or that you are part of the group. But the group will contain dozens of people who are like you, losing weight now instead of waiting to commit in 2016. 

Are you in?  Does this sound like something you would like to do??? 
The group starts November 30th! This gives you time to finish the Halloween Candy and chow down some turkey and pie. 

Leave a message in the comments or reach out to me on my facebook page if you are interested. 

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