Thursday, February 2, 2017

2017 New Year Intentions

I started a blog post at the beginning of the year..... in fact, one of my intentions (not resolutions), was to try and blog every week. And here I am on the 5th week of the year finally knocking one out. (It'll be short, I promise.) I have gone back to work after getting to stay home 11 weeks with Benjamin. He's doing well, of course he had RSV last week and my husband I juggled staying home with him. 

Having two boys is a LOT of work. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking having two kids! Luckily I have an amazing husband who helps juggle everything, like our energetic 3 yo. 

So my 2017 Intentions? And why intentions? I don't like resolutions. We always talk about them, but do they happen? Not usually. So I'm setting intentions, and monthly ones. This is the list of items I intend to work on each month. Some will carry over. 

My January intentions were: 
  • Workout 5x a week
  • Eat better, but don't worry about it too much
  • Be present with the boys and Jason
  • Begin meditation
So how did I do? 
  • Of course I didn't workout 5x a week, it was a big goal! I did get in 14 workouts out of 31 days. 
  • Some weeks my nutrition was better than others. Some days I ate half a dozen cookies. I did drink Shakeology everyday. That helped keep me going some days, and 2-3 cups of coffee. 
  • I'm about 50-50 on bring present with the boys. I only get about 2 hours with Benjamin and Liam from getting home to bedtime. Of course sometimes I get more time with Benjamin, he's not on a great sleep schedule yet. 
  • I started with some meditation apps. They are ok. My favorite is the Zenergy iHome clock I got. It has a sleep function with zen music and I listen to that as I fall asleep. It's to the point where I can turn it on and am instantly relaxed. 
So my February intentions? 
  • Work Out - Follow the 21 Day Fix Extreme Program and do 5-6 workouts a week
  • Be Present - Still a top priority
  • Nutrition - Follow the Portion Control Plan
I am doing better with working out and do plan to accomplish 5-6 workouts a week. I'm doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme. Beachbody is offering an All Access Demand Pass for $99/year ($199/challenge pack). You get access to every program BB has released. So my plan is to switch it up every month. February is 21 Day Fix Extreme. In March I will do the Lean side of Master Hammers and Chisel. That's as much as I've planned ahead. If you're interested in joining me and taking advantage of the All Access Pass, it's on sale through the end of February. It's an amazing deal. I love working out at home. It's a quick 30 minutes and sometimes mid-workout I have to pause to grab the baby. Purchasing the challenge pack also gets you access to an exclusive support group. 

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