Friday, April 28, 2017

May Motivator - Monthly Workout Calendar

My company puts out monthly calendar called a Motivator that are related to health and fitness. I actually help make them and thought I would share this one with everyone. I plan to do this in additional to my workout! Contact me if you want a copy of it! (It's a little hard to read and I'll be happy to share the PDF version with you)

It's three simple exercises that require NO equipment. You repeat the three exercises a couple times, and start increasing the number of times you do each exercise. If this is all you do you'll have some incredible arms and shoulders by the end of May!!
I'm finishing up my third week of 21 Day Fix Extreme May 1 through 7. And I'm going to overlap on May 7 and start a new 8 week workout, a mash up of two programs available on Beachbody On Demand, Core de Force and Master's Hammer & Chisel. I have completed MHC before but have no idea what CDF entails. I'm excited for the mix of something I know and something new. A fellow coach came up with this schedule. 

I'm excited for the mashup and very excited because the 8 weeks is my countdown to vacation! I normally would start a program on a Monday, but I didn't want to be worried about getting in that one last workout before packing up two kiddos and flying to Florida. I'm already taking the extra vacation day to pack! And truthfully I'll start packing the weekend before, making sure we have everything we need! 

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