Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Truth #SpringIntoHealth

I've been a part of Beachbody since early 2015.

I've lost weight. I've gained weight. I did have my second baby, and I probably should have lost more weight before I got pregnant, but it was ok. I had a healthy baby boy. It took a few more months before I really truly recommitted. 

Doing the Ultimate Reset really made a difference to restarting my fitness journey. I feel amazing, and it's only day 6. And I don't want to risk wasting time (and money) on this program to just gain the weight again. So while the minimal meals and Vegan lifestyle isn't permanent, a lot of the changes will be. 

It's than 2-months until the official "swim suit season". Let's be honest, most of us aren't swim suit ready. Most of us could lose 15 pounds or 30 pounds, and still not be what we perceive the world would consider us to be "swim suit ready". 

The world sucks. I don't ever plan to rock a bikini. I don't ever plan to wear a bikini or attempt to squeeze into one.

So what am I planning? I'm planning to stick with my clean eating meals, sweat to Beachbody On Demand, and encourage other women to do the same. It's not about weight loss though, that's just a side effect. It's about making sure I feel good physically -- no food comas, no bloating -- and mentally - working out makes me feel better about myself. 

So think about what YOU want. What is your truth? 

Interested in joining me on a fitness journey? My Spring Into Health and Fitness challenge group starts April 17th! I'd love to help others eat better, find their fitness niche, and feel better about themselves. No bikini required. :) 

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