Monday, June 19, 2017

Summary of my ShaunT week

I was *super* excited for June. Shaun T was back with all new workouts!! I've completed Insanity and T25. I didn't care for Cize because I do not dance. I just can't coordinate. I move around, I shake things, I step this way, that way... and have no clue what I'm doing.

When Beachbody announced a week of all new Shaun T workouts, I was really excited to change it up! Also, just as I thought, I was getting bored with my current workout. I really do struggle to finish programs. And as excited as I was when I started the Core de Force and Master Hammer and Chisel hybrid program, I was over it. I needed change. 

The seven new workouts are as follows: 
Monday Day 1: Insane Basics (33 mins)
Those new or old to Shaun T's workouts will love the all-out hustle of these INSANITY-inspired moves.
Tuesday Day 2: Pure Cardio 2 - 29 mins
Stay hydrated, because the nonstop movement will leave your body drenched.
Wednesday Day 3: Insane Weights 33 mins
You thought INSANITY was try it with weights.
Thursday Day 4: 25 Abs 28 mins
Focus your mind on your core and the results will come.
Friday Day 5: Ripsanity - 43 mins (Great, the Friday workout is 43 minutes!)
More weights and feeling ripped as Shaun T keeps you focused through these insane moves.
Saturday Day 6: Speed 4.0 - 31 mins
Crazy awesome music and moves using only your body weight will give you a fast-paced push to results.
Sunday Day 7: Dig Deep - 27 mins
You’ve heard it. Now do it. Shaun will help you push yourself harder than you ever thought possible with an array of strength, agility, and cardio training moves.

In summary, I loved Monday and Tuesday's workouts. I wasn't crazy about mixing weights and Shaun T's cardio workout. I don't like jumping and trying to get back into weight form. I thought that workout would be great in a program where you have time to repeat it and master the moves, but it was a little difficult for a one-week game changer. I wasn't feeling Thursday. I was also exhausted, both physically and mentally and really struggled to make myself finish. Although I didn't give it 100% (and not even 90%), I finished Thursday. I promised myself Friday I would give it 110%. And I did. Ripsanity was HARD. I couldn't lift my arms for some of the moves he had us do on Saturday! I powered through Saturday and Sunday and felt amazing I had finished all 7 days! I hadn't done 7 days in a row in a couple weeks. 

What I loved most though? That I DID IT. 
7 Workouts in a Row - Burned almost 3,000 calories!! 

So now what? 

Well, ShaunT week became ShaunT month!! There's two hybrid calendars available. One is available on Beachbody On Demand and the other on ShaunT's website. If you still want to do just a ShaunT week -- all seven of those workouts are still available and you can check it. (Need access to Beachbody On Demand? Contact me for details!) 

I'm not diving right into ShaunT month though. I already had planned to complete a 3 Day Refresh. My nutrition has still been a little unstructured, especially on the weekends. I am two weeks away from a Florida vacation where my nutrition will be the last thing on my mind. So Jason and I are cleansing our bodies, in a healthy way, and will make the most of these last two weeks before vacation. 

While I don't plan to overly splurge on vacation, there will be ice cream. There will be alcohol. There will be carbs and more carbs. But it's only 1 week. I'll still drink Shakeology. I plan to work out at least 3 times. I'll eat a couple fruits and some veggies too. 

After vacation? Shift Shop. And I will be focusing 110% on my own Shift during that time. Until then I'm going to relax a little, eat right, keep exercising, and enjoy my vacation. 

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