Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Taking too long of break

It’s been an emotional roller coaster this past month. I had my Bridal Shower and Bachelorette party on Cinco de Mayo. It was awesome! My mom made the food and we had a nacho bar. It was spectacular! I received a lot of things off the registries and sent Thank You notes within a week!
Jason and I went to Indiana for his cousin’s wedding. It was wonderful. They were married in the apple orchard, and had the reception under a tent. It was so lovely and I loved traveling with Jason. We even went a little out of our way to stop for lunch in Indianapolis where Jason wanted – McAllister’s. We have one around the corner from our St. Louis home, but haven’t eaten there.
I received a compliment on the TY note time last weekend. An Aunt commented that her son and daughter-in-law haven’t sent them from their October 2011 wedding. Yes, I know. Nor did they ever acknowledge the Christmas present from Jason. But who’s counting?
Don’t worry everyone, Jason & I will not procrastinate our TY notes. If we can knock out 5-10 each night, we’ll have them out in no time. Which reminds me that I owe 2 TY notes for gifts we recently received.
We’ve had a lot going on each weekend so far in May. Two weekends ago we had family pictures for my parents. My brother acted civil to me, but we didn’t actually talk. It upsets me that he wants to hold onto a grudge from something I didn’t actually do.  It’s my parent’s fault they didn’t visit him in college, not mine. They also visited me because I came home a lot less…. a lot less. And I invited them to visit me. Oh, and I graduated college 9 years ago. So who really cares? I still don’t know what his problem is. He got uninvited to the wedding because of his attitude. I think mom and dad are hoping he’ll fix it, but he probably won’t come since he has an “easy” way out. And it’ll be his loss. But he gets to tell Grandma.
Ok, this blog is about shedding for the wedding…not the family drama of my brother and TY notes.
I missed a week of PT after Margaret died, but I made it up the following week with 3 sessions and am back to my normal 2 a week. I’m struggling to get back on track with eating right. Some of it is my lack of willpower and most of it is what Jason wants to eat. I need to say “NO” to him and his food desires more.  Trainer Dave is surprised at how I ate very well up until about a month ago…most brides don’t buckle down on their diet until the month before. Oops. I’m trying to get back on track. No eating out during the week, always eat what is at home. Lots of salads again, veggies.
I was having some “lady bit” issues, and my doctor took me off the birth control. Not my ideal situation,  I like the hormone control. I had a rough few days without my pills. I’m doing ok now, a week later. We’ll see how the next few months turn out. Unfortunately, no birth control pills means no baby prevention. Must be careful or a little Guilford will be running around here in no time!
I have just under a month until the wedding. I have a lot of little things to do.
·         Make the play list for the wedding reception.
·         Finish ordering the items for the Welcome Beach Bags.
·         Finalize the catering – both Florida & home
·         Make final deposit for wedding vendor
·         Finalize wedding format with Sarasota Minister
I am very excited for the two week vacation in Florida and very excited to get married!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Not Weight Related, but related to everything.

Two weekends ago I was in Pittsburgh for a conference and on Saturday morning Jason's mother was taken to the ER. She passed away as I was on my way to the airport to catch an emergency flight home to St. Louis. It was super scary and I felt very helpless. She had kidney failure and the high potassium level stopped her heart.

My fiancé is a twin, and their dad died when they were 2 years old. Their mom raised them & she was only 56. Mom's aren't supposed to die. Especially this young. It hit harder to home because my mom lost her mom at 28 & 50-something. I was always fearful that my mom would die young. And my mom knows all to well the emotions that Jason is feeling.

The hardest part was how happy she was, especially about the upcoming wedding. She had just gotten her dress.

It just sucks. To be so close to a happy day, and now we’re all filled with such sadness. My bridal shower is this Saturday and my mom is trying to figure out a way to honor her. While we were going through Margaret’s things, Jason found a photo album of pictures of him from Birth to Senior in High School. It’s actually my Bridal Shower present from his mom. Jason's sister-in-law received one at her bridal shower. I'm glad she was able to complete it.
I didn't post this for condolences, mostly just to talk about it. And remind everyone how short our lives could wind up being. I haven't been online almost at all this past week because well, it doesn't matter. The things that truly matter are not a keyboard or computer screen, but the person sitting next to you.

About 99% of my wedding planning is complete so I'm fortunate that I don't have to worry about things.

I'm going to concentrate on the real life things. The diet is kinda ok. I haven't gained weight from the emotional eating I've been doing, and I need to get back to the gym and on the treadmill. In another couple days I'll be back on track. I'm slowly easing back into now.