Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's a....

I am super excited that it's a baby boy! So many amazing reasons.
No ballet lessons.
No need for bows, scrunchies, hair ties or any type of hair accessory!
Don't have to figure out when to pierce ears.
No awkward bra shopping at age 8.
Don't have to worry about having a female teenager (especially those clothes.)
He can't get pregnant. (Only one penis to worry about.)
Won't have to pay for a wedding.
I'll have to learn to love Bond movies. Hopefully not Westerns though.
I'll need to increase the medical savings. Hope he's not like Uncle Bill. Stitches and more stitches.
Skee Ball partner!
Future Professional Baseball Player.

Monday, April 22, 2013

20-Weeks and Halfway There!!

The first half of pregnancy was not great. Now I really don't have a lot of room to complain. Some friends had far worst starts with vomiting, constipation, kidney stones, losses... but in the realm of the imaginary world I live in, pregnancy has sucked.

I don't think people actually believe when I say that I hate being pregnant. But I do. I'm fairly certain it's a control issue. I don't have control over my weight, my moods, my energy, my hunger.

I gained 11 pounds the first 20 weeks. Baby center tells me that 10 is normal. Ok, I'll take it. And that hereafter I should expect to gain another pound or so each week from now on. EXCUSE ME? WHAT? NO. NO. NO. NO. Not cool Baby G! Not cool at all! A lot of the fear of the weight gain has to do with how my father treats my weight. Like it's a disease. He always notices when I gain or lose weight. Losing weight = Proud Dad. Fat Meghan = Unhappy Dad. Sure, it's not about him, but the Daddy Complex I grew up doesn't help me deal with weight gain. (Another reason to want a Boy. No Father issues in this house!)

I am excited about the pregnancy massages I am getting. :) And eventually a summer full of pedicures!!

I'm not excited about field work. I have some on Tuesday & Wednesday and already feel sorry for my driller who might have to help me with some little things like lifting coolers (or pulling them out of the truck.) I know all men are willing to help pregnant women, and while I love when my husband does everything for me, I don't like appearing helpless to other men. I have some other field work planned in May that could be even harder to accomplish. It just depends on how big my belly gets, especially at a pound a week!

I am very hungry lately too. Super hungry. I'm trying to eat the right things, but it's not always easy when some junk food is in the house. We don't keep too much junk food, and I consider things like Toaster Strudels to be Junk Food. I consider most processed foods to be "junk food". Aside from some obvious things like bread & string cheese. While they are processed, they are also good fuel for the body.

I don't really believe in cravings, but I go through weeks where things sound better than normal.  Currently it's BLTs. I don't actually like Bacon that much, and I hate how it smells when it's cooking. Jason cooked the bacon outside on the grill last night. He was supposed to cook it while I was gone this weekend, but forgot. He's a swell guy for figuring out how to cook it outside so the house didn't smell like bacon for three days.

Other food I have craved these past few months - Hot Dogs, Chicken Salad, Pulled Pork w/ BBQ Sauce, I eat a lot of eggs (especially for breakfast). I love french fries. I currently love Orange things. Orange Juice, Orange Creamsicles, Orange Sherbet, and Oranges. The "strange" craving to me is the Ice Water. My water must be ice cold. And we don't have an ice maker so we have to make our own ice, and I go through a couple trays of ice a day.

I had a lovely girls weekend with my mom, sister, and future sister-in-law this weekend at the Lake. I hit up Carters like any first time mom. The Carter's Outlet is much better than the Outlet at St. Louis Mills mall. The deals are better. And I snagged a LOT of cute clothes. Some are Boy or Girl specific, and since we don't know yet and aren't telling our family until next Sunday, I will have to return a few things. Here's a picture of my stash. The piles are divided into Boy -  Neutral - Girl.

Also, CottonBabies is having a great sale on solid color BumGenius 4.0 Diapers. Mom and I got 18 diapers to start my stash. I hope to have around 30 diapers by the time we start cloth diapering. (I expect to use disposables the first few weeks.) I still have to order the outdoor clothes line and get Jason to install it. :) 

It is *really* hard to know what people might buy you off your registry - if they choose to buy off your registry. I am skipping the Babies R Us registry. Everything is just too expensive there. I'm going with Target, Amazon, and Cotton Babies. My baby shower is August 3rd and that only leaves me a month to finish shopping if I didn't get the needed items. I've been watching Craigslist because honestly, some stuff just doesn't need to be purchased new. I've gotten an extra high chair (for grandma's house) and stroller off CL. I keep watching the Fisher Price Luv U Zoo items. I do want a new swing because you never know if a toddler hung on it and ruined the motor. And oh my, how expensive is the baby monitor? My friend D recommend I get one with video. So I signed up for that one. Hopefully some gift cards will help offset that cost.

I have bought some things, especially as they go on sale. I got my Boppy Pillow w/ cover (normally $32) for $16 at Target a few weeks ago. We also got our Space Saver high chair at the time because it was on sale and we had another 20% off coupon. I bought the car seat & extra base when it was on sale at I got my crib bedding because it came from an obscure website (Skip Hop) and I didn't think at the time we would have an Amazon list and didn't know it was available on Amazon. Mom even got us some extra sheets. Mom has bought up a couple boxes of disposable diapers from Sam's club to get us through those first few weeks. Even though I bought some clothes this weekend, there are a LOT other things to purchase. There's also some things I would love if my crafty friends could make. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to that!

I must wrap this up. I just spent my lunch editing it and adding a few minor to the gender ultrasound! We're announcing on Sunday to the family. It'll be posted online once the family knows! I'm crossing my fingers for a boy!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Shopping for Baby

Wow there is a lot of stuff to get that the baby actually needs! It's crazy how expensive some things are (like the Fisher Price Swing, Jumperoo, Playmat, ect) and the Nursery furniture!

I'm sick of looking at cribs and changing tables and dressers and gliders. Jason & I found a nice set at Target that we like, and think will look good the next 40 years of our child's life. It's a 4-1 in crib so it will turn into a toddler bed, and then a headboard and footboard for a full size bed. It has a matching dresser and night stand also that should hold up in the long run. As crazy expensive as it is, if we only have to ever purchase ONE bedroom set, it should be high quality that'll hold up, right?

I started my registry at Babies R Us and Target. Online only right now adding things I come across in other blogs or pinterest, and the large items that are easy to look up and add. Such as the Fisher Price Luv U Zoo pattern of things. I don't expect anyone to actually shell out $120 for the baby swing, and actually will probably purchase that new, but all the other items range from $50-100 and it's crazy that people should buy that. I would hope they'll buy some clothes and the little things like the cloth diapers, bottles,and smaller toys. So I've been looking on Craiglist for things. I got a Space Saver High Chair & Stroller from CL so far. I keep my eye out on the Play yard and anything Fisher Price related. I also need to go check out Once Upon a Child in Mid Rivers. K says they have lots of play mats and other things in great condition.

The biggest issue is you can't see into the future to see what people will purchase for you. And I don't want to go on a massive spending spree the few weeks before the baby is born.

We also have already purchased our car seat. was having a sale and I didn't think I would be able to get it 15% off at another time. So we do have the Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat & extra base.

There's some little things to purchase from other websites. We decided on an ABC nursery theme and I ordered that last night. I'll take the blanket with me when I register to pick out some solid sheets.

We plan to cloth diaper and CottonBabies is having a sale on their Bum Genius 4.0s. We bought 12 cloth diapers last week. The plan is to have a stash of 30 or so. I also need to purchase an outdoor clothes rack and have it picked out, just need to order it. It seemed silly to order it when there was 10-inches of snow on the ground.

More to come -- more to buy.