Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tortellini Soup & Cookies

This is my all time favorite soup to throw together. It doesn't take much time, it's 4 ingredients and so simple!
10-12 Ounces of Tortellini (this is Trader Joe's Spinach Tortellini. I like using fresh, not frozen.)
64 oz Vegetable Broth (Chicken broth works too.)
One or Two cans Tomatoes. I like diced, they are easier to eat.
3 handfuls of spinach leaves OR one frozen container of spinach. Fresh is better, but not always an economical option.

Cook 1st three ingredients to boil. Cook tortellini until cooked. (Yea, I said that.)
Add spinach, simmer until wilted.
You can make this Italian style or Mexican style depending on tomatoes used and additional spices.
I get 6 servings, around 3-5 WW points each, depending on the tortellini and broth combo. (This one is 4 points.)
Tomorrow is another weigh-in, and for all fat girls everywhere, it's one of the most important ones -- the weigh-in after Thanksgiving Feasts. I'm doing great so I'm not worried. Whether I post a loss, gain, or stay the same, I am confident with the food choices I have made and the cardio workouts I have completed. Yes, sure, I can work out more, I can choose wiser foods, but it's a lifetime of change and I can't do it overnight.
I started making cookies for Christmas. Jason helps me roll them into balls. As in, I'm sitting on the couch typing this Blog and Jason is balling the cookie dough I mixed last night. He's a great help! I actually have a lot of willpower when it comes to cookies and cookie dough. My trainer told me I shouldn't make them and shouldn't eat any of them. I explained that I will eat cookies and that I have the willpower to not eat all of them. We were discussing Thin Mints. Jason will put Thin Mints away by the sleeve. And I'll eat two. I like sweet things, but honestly, I like bread more. A LOT more. So my PP goes to bread, not cookies.

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