Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crock Pot Veggie Burritos

Good - Tracking the past three days. Got in 3 amazing workouts too! I've earned 19 Activity Points so far this week. Tuesday night was a double - I ran at home (1.7 miles) before being handed my lungs by Dave the Trainer.

Bad - Mint M&Ms. :(

I got a new crock pot for Christmas. It's larger and much better than my small one. Mostly because of size. Some because of the timer feature. It'll will auto-shut off and stay on warm so things aren't overcooked. I did learn to start my crock-pot meals at lunch (Noon) when I'm home from work instead of 7am when I leave at work.

So I made crock-pot burritos this week. I've made burritos before, on the stove. It takes awhile to cook and put them together. I had PT at 7pm and knew I wouldn't feel like putting together dinner, so the crock-pot was my savior!

My recipe. Makes an estimated 25-30 Servings (1/2 Cup Scoops), 2PP+
2 Cups Brown Instant Rice
3 Cups Chicken Broth
2 Cups Salsa (We had Pace Picanta Sauce, a very running salsa.)
2 Cans (15oz)  Black Beans
2 Cans (15 oz) Diced Tomatoes (Choose your own flavor.)
1 Can Diced Chilis (4oz)
3 Peppers sliced thin
1/2 Red Onion Sliced Thin
I added 1 Tblsp of Paprika, Cumin, and Red Pepper Flakes.
I also added 4-5 Jalapenos and a couple Tblsp juice.

I let that all soak overnight and until noon in the crock pot (in the fridge.)
I popped it in at lunch and it was more than ready after my workouts.

I used Mission 96% Fat Free Tortilla, Wholly Guacamole, Daisy Reduced Fat Sour Cream, and some Colby Jack cheese. TOTALLY YUMMY!!! Dinner was 14 points. More than usual, but great after some high calorie burning.

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