Sunday, July 22, 2012

Married & Loving It!!

I'm married!! For almost 3 weeks now.

So much has happened in the month since I posted. The vacation/wedding/honeymoon was amazing! The home reception went super well. And now, being married? It's kinda the same. Although now that it's all said and done, I feel tons more relaxed. Which is good.

So now. Moving forward as a married woman. Or just moving forward. Now that all of the bad for you leftovers are out of the house, I've started eating better and already noticed my weight starting to fall.

Work is just as busy as ever and I need to stay focused and get it done.

I also signed up for the PE exam and a study course. It wasn't cheap (both the exam and the course) but I'm going to pass. I actually need to get away from the computer and work on some practice problems. My online course requires homework to be turned in and I need to knock those out asap, especially since Richmond friends are coming this weekend!

So things haven't slowed down. Even this week being our first relaxing "no schedule" weekend we still had a lot of things to do. We straightened up, worked on some more thank you notes (just over half way done with them), purchased a few odds and ends off the registry, and studying.

We're also scheduled to pick up another foster puppy on Monday night! And I need to get my own dog to the vet. She's been super hoarse and it could be kennel cough. It could be nothing.

My goal this week is to simply survive. I get back to the gym on Monday & Wednesday nights, my PE class is Tuesday evenings, and this weekend will be busy with the Richmond people!

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