Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 In Review

In the car the other day I noted that the three best things to happen us this year was that both our cars were in accidents and we had Liam.

Why is being in an accident a good thing? Jason drove a 2000 2-door Blazer. At our budget meeting before the year started, we discussed needing to replace it by the time Liam was born and saving extra for the down payment of something 4-door. And then on Jan 2 he was rear-ended. We thought for sure it would be totaled (it was worth maybe $2k) and we'd have to start car shopping. In the end Geico gave him $1,200. We still started car shopping because we weren't able to open up the back hatch. In mid-February he decided on a Chrysler 300 and we found an amazing deal on a used 2012 one. And then the dealer gave him $1,700 for his broken blazer! He never would have gotten $2,900 for it in non-broken condition, so total win.

I planned to drive my highlander into the ground. It was paid for, in good condition, and we had discussed getting it "painted" to repair a few cosmetic issues it had. I figured in 3-4 more years I would upgrade to a larger SUV. I might not have quite the down payment, but I would have something toward a new one, and by then we'd be debt free and have a nice savings for a new one. But the world doesn't work like that, so mine got totaled and we bought a larger SUV.

And now Jason and I both drive brand new cars, with car loans. Totally not Dave Ramsey-isk. We actually hope to pay off one of these vehicles this year, we still have some savings to apply. We did pay off another loan and are down to two car loans and two student loans. Our car loans actually have lower interest rates than the student loans! Once I'm employed again we'll be able to tackle these few remaining debts and knock them out! 

So to look back at my 2013 Resolutions... I should fess up and say that when I wrote them, I knew I was pregnant.

1) Pay off car ($980 to go!!)
2) Lose Weight
3) Gain Weight
4) Have a baby
5) Stay childless
6) Don't start smoking
7) Drink
8) Work
9) Work Out
10) Sleep

  1. I did pay off my Highlander (and 11 months later it was totaled.) 
  2. I lost weight! After I had the baby. 
  3. I gained weight, since I was pregnant. 
  4. I had a baby!
  5. I didn't stay childless. 
  6. I didn't start smoking. 
  7. I drank, water, and lots of water. And more water. I have had 3 glasses of wine (so far) this entire year. 
  8. I worked. And worked. And now I work as a stay at home mom. And I work on job searching so I can get back out in the work force. 
  9. I worked out. I continued to work out from January until the first week of August. I haven't done much of anything since then. 
  10. And I slept. A lot more in the beginning of the year than the end of the year. 
I've been thinking a lot about my 2014 and what I want to happen. I'll post more about that later, but looking back at the half-ass resolutions I made and how big of year it was, makes me want to have another big year, even if I don't set a resolution. 

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