Monday, November 3, 2014

Way overdue!!

It's been 6 long weeks without posting. So hopefully I can start getting in one a week again or so. 

In general, things are great. Super busy, but work is going well, Liam is still thriving at Daycare, he's walking now and it's crazy! The kitchen cabinets are baby-proofed, the trashcan too. I've almost adjusted and stopped trying to yank things open without using the "key". At at work when I go to open the silverware jar, I first try to "push down" the drawer holder. 

Recipe wise, I've made a few things here and there, but mostly been sticking with what's in the freezer. I recently made Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Chili. It was amazing and I'll post that recipe this week. 

We had some family pics taken a few weeks ago. Liam didn't want to smile, we were lucky he looked at the camera at all! 

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