Monday, May 13, 2013

Meat Snobs

Jason and I are meat snobs. We are. It's our vice. And it's not always pretty, especially for our budget. A little over a year ago while we were out to eat and enjoying a so-so steak dinner, we figured that buying good quality steak would be cheaper than going out to eat and paying $19.99 each for a so-so meal.

We love Omaha Steaks and Kansas City Steaks. It's crazy ridiculous. I keep my eye out for Omaha groupons and KC offers a lot of deals online. My favorite company of the two is the KC one. Why? Because shipping is $5 and quick. (Since it's coming from KC.) Omaha shipping, while sometimes having better overall costs to their price per pound, runs around $25 each order. Usually the Omaha groupons have a free shipping option. But the Omaha groupons (and a lot of Omaha packages) come with too many extras. Desserts that we don't need, hamburgers, hot dogs, side dishes.
I do love the Kansas City Hot Dogs. They have been some of the best hot dog's I've had. Aside from the Nathan's hot dogs at Sams Club. Seriously - do they cook those in crack? In fact, we went to Sams Club one Sunday mostly so I could get a hot dog. And they were sold out. This pregnant lady almost went postal. I might have cried a little. :(

One of my friends discovered an Crooked Creek Beef, an all natural beef farm near St. Louis and bought meat last year from them. They cows are raised drug, antibiotic, steroid, and hormone free or in other words, the old fashion way our ancestors and cavemen used to do it. Jason and I talked about it, and decided to go ahead and purchase a quarter-cow. It's 115 pounds of beef. We get to decide how it's processed and it'll be a mixture of t-bones, porterhouse, rib eye, sirloin, round steaks/roasts, chuck steak/roasts, sirloin/rump roasts, stew meat, and lean ground beef. And when it's processed (in the beginning of July), we'll probably be acquiring a new deep freeze. I plan to stock up the deep freeze with lots of casseroles for after the baby is born. We will very well the last half of this year!

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