Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nailed It! My Butter Braid fail!

So wow... I had big hope for making my own Butter Braid. And it was a big ole pile of fail. As Jason and I were making it and it wasn't going well, he commented that I might have my own "Nailed It." I like to show him the Pinterest board of Nailed It have compiled. I never thought I would try something and fail so miserably at something that seemed fairly easy. But I did.

So here's what I've been craving.

Here's the recipe I found and picture of what I wanted mine to look like.

And here's how it turned out.

The recipe calls for 1 cup of brown sugar. The mixture was so thin I kept adding in more brown sugar - probably 2 cups. And I don't remember seeing it in the recipe, but honestly, you should let the mixture sit for alike an hour to really thicken up and cool. That could have been a good suggestion. The mixture still probably would have melted out during the cooking process. Can I try again? Eh, probably. Can I get it to turn out? Probably. Will I? Nope. I'd rather found some school age children selling Butter Braids and buy a dozen of the stupid $12 braids. Trust me, when I fail in the kitchen I don't like it. I throw some things away every once in a while. I've made some ok tasting but awful looking concoctions I couldn't continue to eat. I have made some awful tasting things too. It happens, but I don't like baking fails. Baking is supposed to be easy. It's chemistry. Butter Braids though? It's an ART. I'm not artsy. I'm scientific and would like to stick with something that's just measure, mix, pour, bake.

Sooo... the truth? That I didn't know? This weekend I was talking to my sister about it and she mentioned how she would use Puff Pastry. Uh, like totally, that's what the recipe calls for! And I'm like, isn't Phyllo Dough the same as Puff Pastry? Uh. No? It's not? Ohhhhhh.... that's probably what went wrong. 

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