Saturday, June 22, 2013

10 Weeks!!

Even though I am officially 29 weeks... I just don't see myself getting to September. Sometimes I think I'll be lucky to make it halfway through August. I think some of the worry is coming from the fact that things aren't done and there is a lot I want to do and not a lot of empty weekends.

My doctor's appointment was canceled Friday afternoon but I was able to send my glucose numbers to my doctor. I was prescribed Glyburide, a small dose, for at bedtime. This should help my fasting numbers. Most of my breakfast numbers are ok. I have a couple high ones, but it's all a learning experience. All my lunch numbers are fabulous! I have a lot more high dinner hits and need to concentrate on eating wiser, especially when I am outside the house.

I have to be wiser about some snacks too. While I want to eat the entire box of toaster strudels or container of cookies, it's not really a good idea for baby. Tonight's snack was strawberries, sugar free Hershey's syrup, and cool whip. And a cheese stick. I always need to eat protein with a snack. Ice cream & Cheese Stick, Hummus & Cheese Stick, Eggo & Cheese Stick, Cookies & Cheese sticks. 
Because of the GD, I will start weekly ultrasounds at week 32 which is July 12. Week 36 (Aug 9) is a longer US including a growth scan to measure the baby. I could be ready to delivery anytime after this. If I go with my hypothesis of Week 37 - I'm giving birth between August 16th and August 22. And I think August 20th will be it. It's right in between Grandpa's & Melissa's Birthday. Just a guess. Today we joked that Melissa will never get to celebrate her birthday by herself. 
In June 2011 I predicted the Cardinals would win the World Series that year on Thursday October 27th. (Yes, I have the saved screenshot from facebook!) I was one day off, but it's because of a rain delay. I could be totally right on Baby G gracing us with his presence on August 20th. 
Things I want to do:
  • Sleep.
  • Eat a donut.
  • Sleep some more.
Wait, what is this list? Looks like my hopes and dreams.  
Things I need to do:
  • Deep clean kitchen floor. I hope to tackle this next weekend the 28th and 29th. Volunteers are welcome!
  • Paint nursery. (I won't actually do this, but it needs done.)
  • Wash all baby clothes.
  • Wash all diapers.
  • Clean everything. Clean everything again.
  • Get nursery organized. All the furniture is put together and in there, but the closet still needs cleaned out and redone.
Things planned for the summer:
  • Lake trip!  
  • Cardinals Game! We have tickets to a few games.
  • Baby Shower!
  • Shopping! 
I'm working on creating a "chore" chart. It's nothing too complicated, but I hate cleaning and push it off until the house is so dirty that I can turn on the attic fan and it sucks all the dog hair and dust out. (Ok, just kidding....) I think I'm going to divide it up by rooms. If I can dedicate 15 minutes an evening to cleaning one room, Jason won't have to spend two hours on the weekends (after mowing the lawn) vacuuming. Yea, I said that. I don't vacuum, I used to, but I married a man that does it! But I feel bad because it's not hard, I can do it. I just know that he will. So part of this is for me. Because I am more than capable of cleaning. I just need to stop putting it off. So that's the new plan. One room a day, 15 minutes each day. Of course the kitchen will get 5 minutes a day of making sure the dishwasher is emptied/filled and counters are cleaned off.

Got my Highlander in for an oil change. I rolled over 90,000 miles recently. Firestone informed me that my timing belt is the next important thing I need to take care of. Couple things - at least if my timing belt calls it quits, it won't kill my engine like some old cars. But I will be stranded.... and well, it's summer. I'm pregnant. And most of my driving is to Springfield and back. Being stranded on my way to the gym, not a huge deal.... being stranded on a hot summer day while 7 or 8 months pregnant? Yea... that's ok. We'll go ahead and spend the $400 to replace my timing belt. Since I plan to drive the car forever, and the timing belt won't last forever, it will be a good investment.

Tonight was nice... Jason is helping his brother rearrange furniture so Monday and I have been curled up in bed. We watched Mission Impossible 2 (Thanks Amazon Prime) and ate french fries. Just kidding! I had that snack, Monday didn't get any. And no french fries right now. My sister jokes that she always gives Monday french fries. She might, whatever.

Next weekend Jason & his brother are having a HUGE yard sale at their Mom's house. They have a lot of stuff to sell - some of their mom's furniture, and she collected older "antique" pieces, and just all the normal stuff you have when a parent dies and need to clean out their household.  Hopefully they are able to clear it all out so Tim & Crystal can make the house 110% theirs. (So next weekend I get the weekend to myself again.)

On Saturday July 6 Jason has to go to Terracon Bloomington to clean out the office. Him and 4 other coworkers are going up to bring everything back. So I get Saturday to myself! I hope A will be here, but she's still trying to figure out her travel schedule that week.

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