Saturday, June 8, 2013

Follow Up - Nutrition of Tater Tot Casserole

So.... in regards to "not eating enough". I think it's true. I just made 6 more Tator Tot Casseroles and built the recipe in Spark to determine the nutrition value and most importantly, carb value. I was worried about how many carbs were in it and limiting those.

Here it is:
I based this on a few factors.
My bulk recipe makes six 8x8 casseroles. When Jason asks how much I want, I tell him "9 tots". As in, dish me out 9 tots and the layers under them.
I stuck with the "9 tots" because a serving of Tater Tots is 9.
Each casserole has 41 tots on top.

So each casserole has about 4.5 servings per casserole. We sometimes get 5, some people get 4 depending on how hungry they are.
As you can see, after all the ingredients are added up, most of the Carbs still come from the Tater Tots. The soup has some carbs and it should be another 4 carbs from the soup. (I must go check this.) Even thing, I'm still only getting 24 carbs for one serving. I do need to eat more. Maybe not all of it in Tater Tot Casserole (or extra Tater Tots), but adding other carbs, fruit, brown rice, ect to the meal.
And yes, maybe eating more of the casserole. It's full of protein and veggies so it isn't bad for you! :-)
On that note, I think lunch today will be salad and tater tots. :-)

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