Saturday, June 15, 2013

Now enterting the 3rd trimester!

Only 12 weeks to go! Which seems like 3 months but it's really like 2.5.

Baby G is kicking and very active! He rolls around and responds to his (secret) name. My abs are getting quite a workout from growing a human.

I had some great doctor appointments these past couple days and learned a lot more helpful info about GD. Meeting with the actual OBGYN was the best. I've mostly been seeing residents and since my actual doctor (who I do love) is still on her own maternity leave, I got to finally meet with Dr. W. Who is fabulous! She will actually deliver Baby G and if needed, help with the c-section.

According to the doctor's office, I've only gained 12 pounds so far this pregnancy. And with the controlled diet I shouldn't see much weight gain above that. According to my own chart, and recent weight loss, I've gained 16. I'm cool with that. It's better then the projected 30 had. But I'm not worried - if I gain weight, I gain weight, the baby needs it.

My doctor will not let me go past my due date. So Baby G will make his grand appearance before September 7! If I am able to maintain my sugar levels, then I can go up to my due date. If it's too hard to control with diet, exercise, medication and/or insulin, they'll induce me between 38 and 39 weeks. If Baby G is too big, it'll be a scheduled c-section. I don't want that. I don't want to shove a baby outta my vajaja either, but the kid has to come out.

One of the hardest things about a GD diet and monitoring is that I test 2 hours after a meal. This isn't a huge deal after breakfast, but at lunch and dinner I'm not eating enough and am hungry an hour after eating. This isn't a big deal but I have to test at 2 hours after eating, and I don't want to throw off my numbers by eating more. Mostly, I'll think "Oh, I'm eating this and that" and forget to prep "that" until half hour after I'm done eating.

I had ice cream Thursday night! I was craving it and so we headed to the grocery store to check it out. I wound up picking out Edy's Slow Churned Smores. :) I've been craving Smores since we set up or fire pit and kept seeing the Smores kit at Sam's Club. But can't have them now. I can't imagine how many carbs are in a smore. I like the Smore ice cream bcause it's like Rocky Road where the nuts are replaced with graham cracker. It was a good treat and my fasting number the next morning was a-ok. I did eat a cheese stick right before the ice cream. I have to balance carbs and protein.

It's also recommended I eat around 1800 calories a day. I'm not sure if I should have like 2 cheese sticks with each meal to help me get there or steak with each meal. It's a juggling act.

As of today (Saturday), I've been following the GD diet for 10 days and have lost 5.6 pounds. It sounds like a *ton*, especially for a pregnant chick, but I honestly think it's kinda fake. I ate a lot of junk a few weeks ago that probably packed on some extra sodium and water weight. As long as the baby is growing well, my doctor won't be concerned with weight loss. As I learn how to eat more and hit my 1800 calorie mark, I shouldn't see much more weight loss. I think. I've read that I need around 2100 calories during my 3rd trimester if I am sedentary. Well now I have to walk 30-minutes almost every day, so I need more to make up those (minimal) calories burned. Remember though that the baby will get the nutrients he needs. He'll take it from my fat, bones, hair, nails, skins.... and I'm still taking my vitamins at night. My vitamin list - I take a prenatal, DHA, B-12, and a calcium. Hopefully Baby G is getting everything he needs from those.
I spend a lot more time building recipes in spark and making sure I'm within the carb limit. Grandma made my favorite dessert for lunch tomorrow. It's called "Meghan's Cherry Delight" and is the easiest thing to make. It's an angel food cake ripped into pieces, covered with instant vanilla pudding, and then once that is chilled, spread cherry pie filling on top. See picture. From the last time she made it, Father's Day 2008. (Thanks Facebook for dating things!)
While we don't want to tell Grandma that I have GD, mom tried to explain to her that with the family history of Type 2 Diabetes that the doctor has me watching my sugars. Then Grandma pulls out her "I made it with sugar free ingredients!" comments she always uses. The crazy thing I have learned (and that grandma has been told but doesn't listen to), is that Sugar Free or Fat Free or Low Fat things have MORE carbs and worse ingredients then just eating full-fat items. Check out the labels for yogurt and salad dressing the next time you are at the store!
So yea, tomorrow's desert - none for Meghan. :( And it's MY dessert. It's named after me! But it's ok. I can probably take home a small dish to eat before bed. And come baby day, grandma can make me another one. I've also added Olive Garden to a list of wants after the baby is born. I'm glad they post their nutritional info, it's a wake up call to not eat there!
Tonight's dinner is Tortellini Soup. I can eat 1/2 of a roll with it. And a movie with my honey. We got Gangster Squad (I think?) from Red Box.

After the movie - WHOA. Do not EAT while watching Gangster Squad. That's why I get for not knowing what all a movie was about before renting it. I got it, Mobsters, Mickey Cohen, some deaths expected. Movie was good overall. But no need to lie at the end. Cohen is a real mobster, but you can't change the end of to make the movie look better. That'd be like changing the end of Titanic from the ship sinking and 99% of the people dying to the engine catching fire and people were on board for days without working toilets. Ok, maybe Gangster Squad wasn't that drastic, but it might as well have been! It was good though. I like it. I laughed, I cried, I groaned... worth the $1.29.

Finally finished switching the nursery and office. Almost have the office completely cleaned and organized. Will post a picture later. Nursery isn't painted yet, so pictures of that will come way later. The main furniture is assembled and in there. Waiting on (to buy) my rocker/recliner from Weekends Only.

Happy Father's Day Sunday!

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Kate said...

I was dx a couple of weeks ago too and it's been an interesting transition!

I've been having ice cream at night with a protein for my snack so that way I still get to indulge and not be so hot in the summer! I need insulin for my fasting numbers and it doesn't matter what I eat the night before so I figure if something less enjoyable gives me the same number, I might as well have the ice cream and be happy since it gives the same number!