Sunday, September 11, 2016

Preparing for Baby #2

This blog is waaaaay overdue. All my blogging took a back seat to Baby G2.

I'm 33 weeks, 4 days pregnant. Baby Boy is coming at the end of October (best guess will be on my husband's birthday - October 22.) 

After finding out we were pregnant, I started slacking with my workouts. I was tired, very exhausted, and while I didn't have a lot morning sickness, I was struggling with a lot of food aversions. I think I ate Chef Boyardee Ravioli for a week straight once. It does boast that it has a serving of vegetables! I was very conscious of my weight gain - I gained a lot, quickly with Liam and I wanted to avoid that. 

I was able to start drinking Shakeology again in the second trimester, and have stuck with it into the third trimester. Especially after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, again. 

I worked hard to lose 30 pounds before getting pregnant and I didn't give myself a "Free Weight Gain" punch card once I got pregnant. But weight is on my  mind. But I also want to make sure I give the baby everything it needs to grow and thrive. 

I gained a total of 33 pounds with Liam. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. And I did lose almost all of it within the first couple months after he was born. I'm currently about 9-10 pounds up from my starting weight. I had gained a few more, but the gestational diabetes diagnosed and diet change resulted in a few pound weight loss. 

I met with a dietitian who gave me a lot more info about GD than last time. She commented that if you continue the diet after the baby is born the baby weight will come off quicker and you can lose even more weight (for those who are overweight.) I couldn't stop laughing. I'm planning meals after baby like I'm on death row and getting my last meals. My first meals after G2 is born is pasta, pizza, and pie. Maybe over the course of a couple days. This time has been a lot harder than last time. Things I could eat with Liam that gave me decent blood sugar readings I haven't been able to eat. It's frustrating to have to keep adjusting, but I know it's for a short time. That's the only fact getting me through this -- it's just a few more weeks and then I can eat anything I want. Which also shows how much I rely on food for a comfort. I truly do usually "eat my emotions" and have struggled to find different outlets for my stress. 
Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole

With these last few weeks left I've committed myself every week to prepping freezer meals. On the schedule includes:
I have a schedule, I have lots of freezer containers, freezer labels, and a grocery list. 

I also have almost every weekend planned up until the baby arrives. Hopefully he doesn't arrive too early. :) 

In other news -- if you made it this far -- We bought a house and moved to St. Charles. It was sad to leave our house in Maryland Heights, but we knew that we had to buy before the second baby (and daycare costs) arrived. We moved around the 4th of July, which also was our 4 year wedding anniversary. We kept it simple and went out to eat. Liam turned 3 over Labor Day weekend and we had a Tie Dye party at the house. He's excited for his baby brother, but hasn't realized he has to give up his toddler bed (the crib) for the baby. We have his furniture ready for his Superman themed room. We also need to start and finish the nursery. We haven't even decided what color to paint it yet. We have almost everything we need (yea for it being a boy!), but need to get things organized. 

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