Monday, March 27, 2017

The Ultimate Reset - Prep

I don't plan to sugar coat my experience with the Ultimate Reset at all. I've been following the Facebook groups and already see how people struggle with certain things. Headaches (from caffeine and sugar withdrawals), Power Greens, exhaustion, soreness. Sounds amazing, right? However, I figure for every 1 person who complains there is at least 2-3 who are completing the program and not complaining.

I sat down with Jason this weekend and we picked our meals. There are three phases and while each day has a different menu, you can repeat meals as long as you trade a breakfast for breakfast, lunch for lunch, or dinner for dinner, during the Phase you are on. (No breakfast for dinner!)

I had pre-shopped for a few things that most of the recipes called for. The cost you spend on groceries can kill your grocery bill, especially if you are trying to purchase good quality organic fruits in the middle of winter. The program also requires you to drink distilled water with mineralize added. The purpose of the program is to rid your body of all toxins and impurities, including those in our tap and even bottled water. Try to spread out the cost of some of the items over the weeks leading up to the Ultimate Reset. 

Just one of many grocery trips
I created an excel spreadsheet and planned the first week's menu and then copied the recipes from the Ultimate Reset Participant Portal to help create my grocery list. In general, there's a lot prep for this program. Mental prep first. You are going to wide up eating very healthy, and being a vegan when it's said and done. There are no treats and there is no room for treats when you are done. Then the meal planning, shopping, and food prep takes up a lot of time. And the more prep you do, the less like you are to quit, give up, or cheat. It's only 21 Days.

I was nervous at first, especially since I had a stomach bug Friday night. But once I spent Sunday prepping I felt really good about everything. It's not hard - just have to put in the effort to get it done! 

Stocked Fridge

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